Applications for the II Samara Apartment Triennial

Victoria Gallery invites you to become a part of the Second Samara Apartment Triennial that will take place from 8 to 14 of June 2020.

The first triennial was held in 2017. Its idea is based on hospitality and participatory culture. With the means of art we establish horizontal communications between artists and spectators and encourage locals and guests of the city for deeper acknowledgement with indoor and outdoor urban locations. Artists and collectors invite viewers into their private spaces: apartments, studios, garages, etc. There are no artistic filter for the selection of participants but the openness of the space and its host. During the week, viewers walk around the city locations (in 2017 there were 21) and literally get acquainted with artists and participants of the city’s cultural life. Among the artistic mediums presented at the Triennale were visual and media art, installation, performance, theatre, and the list is to be enlarged.
In total, the 1st Triennial project, gathered around five hundred spectators.

The format of the apartment triennial seems the most optimal to explore the cultural activity of Samara: a relatively small area of ​​the city makes it easy to travel from one point to another, and the atmosphere of the "big village" of a provincial million-person city inclines to go on a visit.
In 2020, we would like to invite artists from Europe to participate in the Apartment Triennial. We will pass the applications to locals who would like to host a foreign artist in Samara and make his/her exhibition in their apartment.
Your applications will be forwarded to the host party in Samara, following which you will be offered places to live and exhibit among the ones available. Finally, a route list and an event list will be arranged and become a base for the Apartment Triennial programme.


Samara is a beautiful city in the heart of European part of Russia with a population of 1.3 million people. It stands on the Volga river and enjoys the benefits of snowy winters and hot summers with a public beach along the city’s river bank. With a history over 400 years the city has monuments of art nouveau, constructivist and soviet architecture, and is most known for its historical Zhigulevsky brewery and aero- and space industries where the engines for the first man-operated cosmic flight were produced. The city is rich with museums and galleries, and the cultural scene is quite diverse.

From the side of Triennale we will provide help with the search of funding for your trip and all the necessary organizational and technical support.

Please send your applications to before 29th of March 2020. Put "Guest" in the title of the letter.

An application form is attached.

The results of the applications will be published on the 12th of April 2020.